Hengxin Technology Limited is an independent distributor of electronic components, which is dedicated to the distribution and integration services of electronic components of global well-known brands. Founded in December 2016, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with branch offices in Shenzhen, UK, Singapore and New Zealand, and logistics warehouses in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
We have a high-quality elite team with business in more than 20 countries in all regions of the world. The upstream channel has a wealth of original factories, authorized agents The downstream channel has spot resources, to achieve the inventory information sharing, mastering the latest and most valuable market information. We provide products and services related to various fields of the electronics industry, including: military, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, industrial control, Internet of Things, new energy, communications and so on. The company team actively participate in the world's major electronic components exhibition, show the company's overall scale image. The company adheres to the "integrity as the cornerstone, customer-centric, quality as the core, price as an advantage, service for development" as the principle, dedicated to providing each of our customers with the best products and services. We will continue to improve the company's sales network around the world, to create real and lasting value for customers, to create continuous development and career opportunities for employees. We look forward to being your best partner in component distribution!

Global Network Distribution
Serving the world with optimal efficiency and best prices. Global Channels Through our industry accumulation and under professional evaluation, we have reliable channels all over the world. Our global reach helps our clients to accurately understand the market and efficiently match sources. Efficient Collaboration Flexible market allocation provides customers with round-the-clock support and global response to your sourcing needs and understanding of global utilization. Logistical support Partnering with world-class quality assurance processes provides customers with timely and accurate shipping. Also, all of our items come with a one-year warranty.

Customer-centric supply chain systems

Accurate database
Hengxin has many years of industry experience and keen industry insight, which enables us to adjust our solutions in a timely manner in the face of the changing and complex market environment. Especially in the case of price fluctuation and inventory shortage, we can remind our customers to make arrangements in advance and assist them in making contingency strategies.

Flexible Response to Demand
Hengxin tracks all customers' needs in real time, which enables us to give our customers maximum support in terms of price and quantity. For end customers, we are especially good at ordering on schedule. Receive the best products at the lowest cost to match the customer's project schedule.

Complete Solution Kit

Profit Savings Diverse and trusted channels give customers more options. Flexible and customizable payment methods are offered to better protect the flow of money to your business. Match your Bom List Still struggling with the difficulty of matching with the many suppliers offering Bom Lists? Leave it to us. Our supply chain can help you access the entire BOM List, thus reducing unnecessary risks. Different solutions for different customers We have specialized staff and industry-leading partners in handling demand, clearing inventory, quality checking goods and tracking real-time industry conditions.

Our Team

Passion makes the difference Our team brings together customer specialists, global merchandise managers, local experts, management excellence organizations and experienced staff. We also regularly visit conferences, exhibitions or symposia around the world. Meet and share knowledge with people from different companies and industries. Allowing us to operate in an international industry and meet the needs of different customers.